Hi I'm Cherie
Hi I'm Cherieand I am Red Knot Design
I laugh too loudly.
I love language, words and type.
The ocean is my happy place.
Injustice makes me mad.
Family is my everything.

Welcome to Red Knot Design

The Red Knot is dumpy, grey, wading bird.

I could hardly be accused of being “dumpy” or “grey” – but 14 years ago this migratory feathered friend inspired the name Red Knot Design. Every year these tenacious little fellas make their way from breeding grounds in far away Siberia to the shores of Australia. Yes, Siberia. That’s over 10,000 km’s!

Then I was a graphic designer, passionately entrenched in the not-for-profit sector, with a family on the way and a corporately entrenched husband who spent quite a bit of time overseas. As born and bred Tasmanians with our families both still in the Island State, I was looking to create a freelance business that was agile, mobile and flexible – hence the adventuring bird.

Red Knots are also social. They forage in large, dense flocks and fly in groups of thousands. Red Knot Design was built on relationship – friends have become clients and clients friends. We have found our tribe here in Melbourne, and we love to celebrate the special moments in life with them. I hope you’ll feel part of the tribe too and that we journey together.

They’re also on the small side, these little sea loving travellers. And that’s the way I like it too. Red Knot Design is a boutique affair – our hand illustrated designs carry that personal touch, with a little whimsy and sometimes a lotta quirky. They’re proudly printed right here in Oz (sometimes even in divine little Tassie) and hand packaged with utmost care in our Melbourne studio. And so that we take the best care of all the creatures great and small, we try to minimise our environmental footprint. All our paper and envelope stocks are 100% recycled & carbon neutral and we use solar power where possible in our operations.

We hope you enjoy having a look around, thanks for stopping by! We’re always looking for new ways to delight and inspire, so sign up to our mailing list or follow along on the socials to keep up to date on the latest.

Cherie xx